Jackson Hole Real Estate Tax Benefits

Wyoming Tax Benefits

Those considering purchasing property in western Wyoming are often motivated by the stunning natural beauty, access to recreation, and unparalleled quality of life. The sophisticated buyer has also likely considered that Wyoming residency affords numerous financial and legal benefits. The most well-known is the favorable state tax environment – Wyoming does not impose taxes on income, capital gains, gifts, or estates for resident individuals or trusts. Moreover, Wyoming does not impose taxes on the income or capital gains of business entities. Property and sales tax rates are reasonable, as are fees for organizing and operating business entities.

In addition to tax benefits, Wyoming is a leading jurisdiction for estate, trust, and business planning owing to efficient and flexible statutes. Wyoming has functionally abolished the “rule against perpetuities” for trusts – meaning that trusts may last for up to 1,000 years, facilitating effective multigenerational wealth transfer planning through Wyoming “Dynasty Trusts.” Wyoming law permits both regulated and unregulated private family trust companies, directed trusts, nonjudicial trust modification, silent trusts, and many other modern benefits to those considering wealth transfer.

Finally, Wyoming law emphasizes strong privacy protections. Trusts are not required to register and limited liability companies are not required to publicly disclose beneficial ownership or management. Court proceedings involving trusts are automatically sealed and the details of real estate closings are not generally available to the public. Properly structured Wyoming LLCs and Qualified Spendthrift Trusts offer meaningful asset protection benefits and the courts and state agencies are accessible and efficient.


Since Wyoming does not impose a tax on income, it does not have a definition of residency for tax purposes. Thus, establishing residency often consists of documenting to other state and local taxing authorities that you have effectively departed from their jurisdiction for tax purposes. For those intending to split time between Wyoming and elsewhere or are otherwise uncertain as to Wyoming residency, please consult with a qualified legal or tax advisor. Those not yet ready or able to qualify as Wyoming residents may wish to consult with legal or tax counsel to determine whether the benefits discussed above may be available in the interim through other means.